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Site Logistics

United Forming’s top goal is to help our Customers plan their building safely, with the highest level of quality, and to complete the project on time. Site logistics integrates every aspect of the construction process into an orchestrated plan for temporary structures, temporary services, storage, staging, controlled ingress, egress, and the offloading, loading, horizontal and vertical movement of the numerous plan components.

With over 35 years of experience as a concrete structure builder, we share the value of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling on-site processes; and, the co-beneficial management of proactive safety planning, material handling systems, site layout, multi-disciplinary sequencing, and occasionally, conflict resolution.

Logistic and Planning Process

Our construction logistics and site planning processes will ensure a safe and efficient work site for your projects. United Forming has the expertise to help develop a plan with higher on-site safety standards, increased productivity of all subcontractors, minimized material handling to reduce cost, damage, or misplacement, and improved schedule reliability.        

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