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United Forming, Inc (UFI) is a concrete construction company specialized in formwork solutions and turnkey concrete construction. We provide pre-construction, construction, formwork system design and project management services to leading general contractors and developers in the private and public sectors.

With almost 40 years of operations in the construction industry, UFI is in a position of sustainable growth. Since our establishment in 1985, we have completed two and a half billion dollars' worth of work and more than 1,100 projects across the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Southwestern United States.

Our company's growth and success is the result of our focus on customer service, combined with our successful past performances, and the exceptional capabilities of our senior management and in-house teams of project managers and superintendents.

We self-perform critical components of a construction project scope, including quality structural concrete, site logistics, budgeting, estimating, safety, and scheduling. We employ professional estimators, formwork engineers, project managers, superintendents, and craftsman who are experienced in a wide variety of facility types and delivery methods.

As a 100% employee-owned and operated company, we commit ourselves to every project we take on, and continuously strive to create profits and equal opportunities for all our stakeholders.

Core Values


Our mission is to be "The First Choice in Concrete Construction".

To earn the right to be the "First Choice" we uphold the following core value commitments which are the fundamentals that shape our company's culture and define how we operate:

  • To our Employees:

    We commit to providing the safest work environment possible, sustainable growth and profitability plans, opportunities for advancement along with development plans and training, health, welfare, and financial security.
  • To our Industry:

    We commit to bring innovation and development by participation and leadership within the industry while always operating with integrity.
  • To our Clients and Customers:

    We commit to operate with integrity, provide loyalty, and meet or exceed expectations by planning and constructing quality projects safely, on time, and withing budget.

  • To our Communities:

    We commit to provide charitable contributions and active participation in events and programs to promote and improve the communities in which we operate and live.

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Under the direction of our Corporate Safety Board and teams of Safety Managers, United Forming takes pride in advancing a culture of safety. Through continuous job training and development, each employee performs in accordance with our comprehensive Safety Policy. Together,the Site Specific Safety Plans in support of United Forming Safety Policy deliver the content and prescribe the training to maintain safe working environments for all fellow employees.

Each day, and before beginning any new task, every United Forming job site crew develops individual Job Site Safety Plans to identify and explicitly address site-specific conditions and hazards. In addition, individual Job Site Safety Teams conduct audits and perform root cause analysis investigations of every accident or near-miss incident.

Long before it became popular, United Forming established itself as a 100% Fall Protection Company. Similarly, United Forming was an early adopter of a drug free workplace by conducting pre-hire, post- accident and random drug testing.

As with any Culture, individual improvement and development is promoted. All United Forming employees are provided with individual safety training and Supervisors are required to obtain OSHA 30-Hour training and certification in the latest first aid and life saving techniques.

Our Corporate Safety Board meets quarterly along with our insurance and risk management partners to continually enhance our safety policies and procedures. United Forming consistently produces “best in class” results as measured by industry specific metrics and benchmarks, however, we diligently continue our mission to provide the safest work environment possible.

United Forming is an Employee Owned Company with 100% of our stock held by the United Forming Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP"). All employees with more than one year of service are eligible to participate in this unique program which provides ownership and retirement benefits as a reward for the commitment and service of our “Employee Owners.” Our Employee Owners have a financial stake in their company and positively impact the balances in their individual ESOP accounts.

Our customers and business partners can expect quality work and support from all of our Employee Owners as we understand the value of our ESOP accounts will be driven by the satisfaction of our customers and business partners.

Founded in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, we have grown into one of the largest concrete structure builders in the country. Built on the broad foundation of our formwork expertise, we have developed core competencies in all aspects of the concrete construction process. We help our customers plan their building safely, using qualified crews and our proven construction methods. As a self-performer, we provide flexibility by offering a variety of scopes to match our customer’s exact needs. Our experience and breadth of services ensures the project will be completed safely, professionally and within the established budget and schedule.

Our growth has been almost entirely organic as we expanded our services to meet the needs of our recurring customers. We began our geographic expansion into the Carolina's in the mid 1990’s and shortly thereafter we began supporting our customers on projects in Texas. By the early 2000's we developed a major presence in Florida and from these major outposts we have continued to expand to serve our customer's needs.

Today, we support operations from locations in Austell and Lithia Springs, Georgia, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, and Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2001 United Forming implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") as an employee retirement plan and ownership transition vehicle. After several stock sale transactions between 2001 and 2006, the ESOP purchased the remaining shares of outstanding stock in 2007. United Forming remains today 100% employee owned through the ESOP.

As we approach our 1,200th project, we have earned revenues of $2.9 billion and provided employment opportunities for as many as 5,000 employees in a given year.

Since our founding in 1985

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