TCU Worth Hills Village

Beck Group
Ft. Worth, TX

During the heat of summer in 2012, United Forming was contracted by the HCBeck, LTD team to provide a turnkey concrete frame for the first phase of a multi-phase project intended to revamp the Worth Hills area of the TCU campus. The project consisted of 2 main suite-style dormitories that accommodate approximately 400 students. 

As the job progressed, the project team identified a grade beam on Building 1 that needed to be installed in order to allow the construction of upper levels.  Unfortunately, the grade beam was at a shallow elevation which meant that significant "untimely" backfill operation was needed to occur in order to proceed with the structure.  

UFI, utilizing its in-house engineering capabilities, worked with the client and the EOR to develop a plan to construct the grade beam as an elevated/isolated beam, thus allowing the construction schedule to continue without the backfill time impact.

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